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scapy::Conf Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This object contains the configuration of scapy.
session  : filename where the session will be saved
stealth  : if 1, prevents any unwanted packet to go out (ARP, DNS, ...)
checkIPID: if 0, doesn't check that IPID matches between IP sent and ICMP IP citation received
       if 1, checks that they either are equal or byte swapped equals (bug in some IP stacks)
       if 2, strictly checks that they are equals
checkIPsrc: if 1, checks IP src in IP and ICMP IP citation match (bug in some NAT stacks)
iff      : selects the default output interface for srp() and sendp(). default:"eth0")
verb     : level of verbosity, from 0 (almost mute) to 3 (verbose)
promisc  : default mode for listening socket (to get answers if you spoof on a lan)
sniff_promisc : default mode for sniff()
filter   : bpf filter added to every sniffing socket to exclude traffic from analysis
histfile : history file
padding  : includes padding in desassembled packets
except_filter : BPF filter for packets to ignore
debug_match : when 1, store received packet that are not matched into debug.recv
route    : holds the Scapy routing table and provides methods to manipulate it

Definition at line 4897 of file scapy.py.

Public Member Functions

def __repr__
def __str__
def configure
def reset

Static Public Attributes

int checkIPID = 1
int checkIPsrc = 1
tuple conf = Conf()
int debug_match = 0
string except_filter = ""
tuple histfile = os.path.join(os.environ["HOME"], ".scapy_history")
tuple iface = get_working_if()
 L2listen = L2ListenSocket
 L2socket = L2Socket
 L3socket = L3PacketSocket
string nmap_base = "/usr/share/nmap/nmap-os-fingerprints"
string p0f_base = "/etc/p0f/p0f.fp"
int padding = 1
string promisc = "not implemented"
string queso_base = "/etc/queso.conf"
tuple route = Route()
string session = ""
int sniff_promisc = 0
string stealth = "not implemented"
int verb = 2

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